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Magazyn Polski Przemysł: Nie ma dwóch takich samych silosów More
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FEERUM rozbudowuje kompleks w Mariankach More
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Feerum na Polsko-Nigeryjskim Forum Gospodarczym More
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Feerum at EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan More
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Opening of storage complex in Zwolen More
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Europe - Ukraine Forum 27-28.01.2017 More
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Eurotirer’s Fairs in Hanover More
Integration Event 2016 More
The dryers are drying the maize More
XXVII Exhibition of Breeding Animals, Agricultural Machinery and Farming Equipment in Sitno. More
Opening of a Grain silo complex in Pawłów More
Before-harvest debate in The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development More
Poultry Symposium More
Feerum is a membership of the Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce More
The effects of co-operation Feerum S.A. and School Complex in Chocianów More
Quality Certificate 2015 for Feerum SA More
Sezon Is Over! More
We Are Focus On Innvoations More
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Feerum in program “Quality of the year 2015” More
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Visit of Economy Vice- Minister More
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Construction of a silo and dryer facility based on innovative technologies in Chojnów More
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Forbes Diamonds 2015 More
Business Gazelle 2014 More
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Distinction by FESE and the European Commission More
The Appreciation of the Minister of Economy More
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Lauksaimniecības Tehnika 2014 More
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