Automatics and Electrocity

Feerum S.A offers control cabinets based on high quality ,up-to- date Eaton electric components. All devices have short circus and overload protection. According to machine power or its application in technological process, engine star-ups are possible due to soft start or frequency converter. On the wall of cabin we put 3D image of object that cabin control. Cabins for small dryers are equipped with transparent door because such objects are exposed to harmful weather condition.

Feerum S.A uses temperature monitoring system based on Dallas detectors. Probes hang on silo roof on special designed handles. Probe has a case consists of metal top header, wire with measuring sensors in casing cable and bottom header. Top header is used to vertical case installation in silo or container. Bottom header enables case hitching. Probe has ATEX Certificate which enable us to use it inside of silo where explosion hazard , zone 20 exists. Reading is possible through object control application or portable terminal (we can read maximum two probes from one module). The application allows to automatic air control inside of silos and enable data archiving.