Electricity and automation


In our technology of the drying and storing the grain we are using most modern in the world components of the automation.

The SCADA system based on the LabView environment. As steering Components we are using the range of EATON company products among others:

Modual drivers PLC series XC200 – XC-CPU-201, ideal when you need a short cycle time and great communication capability
Modular system WE/WY distributed XI/ON inteligent and ready for further development

We also use technology SmartWire-DT:

Enter and exite modules
Buttons and indicator lights
Motor starters

In smaller objects, where there is no needd to use a PC for visualization and archiving We use XV100 series operator panels with Windows CE operating system. They provide accurate and complete visualization of the object and archive on a USB drive.

For grain storage available is a preview of temperature based on the measurement and control module, and temperature probes placed in the silo. On request, we are able to design and implement automation on any of his system, and to combine the existing control system with new.