Feerum history is associated with activity conducted originally by Mr Daniel Janusz, from 2002 as a sole proprietorship preparing the project documentation for the production of cereal drying rooms. Next stage of Feerum activity was creation in 2004 a civil law partnership which dealt with the production (based on subcontractors) and with sale of cereal drying rooms, bucket elevators, belt conveyors and technological connections.

In view of the increased number of orders, production capacities of subcontractors were insufficient. Beacuse of this in 2005 Feerum started own production in newly opened unit in Chojnów. In 2006 Feerum civil law partnership received certificate for sale of products on the area of Belarus which up to 2010 constituted the main market. In 2007 Feerum S.A. came into existence, which adopted Feerum civil law partnership activity.

In 2008 construction of a modern production unit was begun along with machines and the entire infrastructure. In the same year the company was admitted to the Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSSE).

Due to modern production unit started in January 2010, Feerum S.A. could offer the wider portfolio of products, and production capacities let for meeting needs of substantial customers amount. Consecutive years are a period of the dynamic sale growth, thanks to the development of networks of sale, the bigger brand identification, enhancing the position on the domestic market and increasing demand backed up with funding partially from the UE.

Big success and flagship in history of company was the realization of one of the greatest storage investment ever made in Poland-grain elevator for Młynpol Sp.j company, with a total capacity of 75 thousand tones.

In October,2012 company was given bailout for realization the project reliant on industrial research and product development in 2012-2014 to develop innovative energy-saving grain dryer with heat recovery and integrated dedusting system. Project has ended up successfully and grain dryer are operated now.

In November, 2012 company has submitted an patent application. A objective of innovation is way of drying seeds, especially grain and oilseeds. In January, 2013 company was given bailout for realization the project reliant on implementation patented spiral heat exchanger in production of energy-saving grain dryers. Project included expansion of production hall/final products storage and purchase of equipment essential in production. The grand was allocated over the Innovative Economy Operational Program, Priority 4 investments in innovative projects.

In March 2013 company was given bailout for implementation of innovative B2B computer system, integrating sal, storage, production and logistics processes, exchange of information between company and partner companies.

Our company debuted on Warsaw Stock Exchange in May, 2010.

In 2014 our company finished the realization of three-years investment program of total value of 34,4 million zloty. It was connected with production power expansion, sale network development and innovative products implemented in offer which enable us to lower the cost of production and take the advantage on market. Feerum S.A has put into service storage and production hall at a total of 8200 m2 and bought new machines and equipment. Company received 13 million zloty of European funds to finance all of this projects. In a results company doubled its production capacity and it has one of the most modern production facility in the world in its sector.

In 2014 company has been authorized again to operate in Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSSE). Feerum is planning realization of investment amounted to 20 million zloty by the end of 2018.

In 2014, Feerum S.A. has signed a contract for another EU subsidy in the amount of 10,8 million zloty, which it received in years 2014-2016.

From 2011, company agreed on a strategy of enhance its position on home market-currently it is a main trade area for Feerum S.A- while developing export on these markets which, in opinion of our company, have good prospects in the area of increase of import of machines and equipment for agricultural production. We are also working to take leader role on the world market.