We project and build comprehensive storage and drying objects. Because of us, farmers, manufacturer of grain, legumes, oil seeds, maize and animal feed significantly reduce loses and minimalize production costs. We are characterized by caring for grain and natural environment.

Special about us is unique, full integrated project and production system. Modern technology and motorized production lines enable us to fulfil the highest requirements in the shortest time and with guarantee of high quality.

We offer comprehensive solutions – starting with analysis of customer’s needs, through proposition of appropriate technological solutions, manufacture of equipment, ending with plant start-up and putting it into service.

Very important is unfailing functioning of our projected and built plants. We monitor on-line the accuracy of their work. Because of that our clients can feel safe and our service is available twenty- four hours a day.

Uniqueness of our solutions is appreciated by clients in Poland and abroad. We are present in Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Mongolia. Currently we are carrying out project on five large plants in Tanzania.

Feerum S.A has been consistently strengthening its positions of innovative, dynamic and modern company.