The organization and the sale management

Sale in Poland

The sale in country is being conducted by the 9-person team of mobile sellers and 2 regional coordinators of sales supervised by the sales manager. The network of the sale is covering the entire area of Poland. Sellers are in a direct contact with the customer starting from the first contact up to the completion of an order. Each of salesmen has a design basic knowledge, planning abilities, technical and acquaintance of the technology, in the step which allows him discussing about potential solution with the customer and preliminary consultation concerning optimum schemes enable for the customer of connections and construction of the silo, before in detail a team of designers will deal with it. In the sale process designers acting centrally from one office which are advising the seller often also participate in technical issues at the stage of offering.

Sale to foreign markets

Sales for the export are based on the interaction with local dealer networks. Sales are based on agreements of the cooperation and contained contracts of sale with foreign and national partners.

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