Organization and sales management

Feerum S.A is conducted a sales activity on polish and foreign markets based on their own coordinators of sales and an extensive dealer network. The primary goal is selling the products that are a chain of technological solutions which are helpful in our client’s everyday work.

Sellers support clients in comprehensive way: from contact initiation and preparing initial offer, through adjusting the project to the individual needs of the customers, monitoring implementation of the project, and maintaining contact after the investment.

The trader role is also helping the client in choosing the best solution in the rush of complicated technology, because the client may not know what is the best solution for his farm.

Sale in Poland

Our big advantage is maintaining a direct contact with clients by regional coordinators of sales. Advisers’ team work on territory of Poland which is divided into 7 regions. It creates a possibility to maintain constant relationship with our clients, creating a ties with them and being in a long-term contact during the implementation of the investment.

Each of salesmen has a design basic knowledge, planning abilities, technical and acquaintance of the technology, which allows him discussing about potential solution with the customer and preliminary consultation concerning optimum schemes enable for the customer of connections and construction of the silos, before a team of designers will take care of it.

Due to the large concern for customer satisfaction from the beginning of our cooperation, designers often take part in the sale process, which can advise the seller some technical issues at the stage of offering.

The extensive and constantly updated technical knowledge of our salesman allows to perfectly read customers needs, personalize the project, advise on the best solution and present an offer which fully meets customer expectations.

An important role in the sales-customer relationship is also the ability to visit the customer’s existing facility, watch each machine and see how it works and get direct answers from the dealer during the visit.

We pride ourselves on being able to build long-term relationships with our customers which results in significant investments and strengthen the company’s reputation on the market.

Sale to foreign markets

Sales are based on agreements of the cooperation and contained contracts of sale with foreign and national partners.

Furthermore, every Export Department Worker’s task is to search for potential clients on the basis of cooperation with credit bureau and Polish establishments .We highly believe in multidirectional export. We put special emphasis on expansion of Eastern market which is known from rich soil and decisive role of agriculture in GDP(gross domestic product) structure. Additionally, this market has relatively low agricultural mechanization, which enable us to offer wide range of products and services for clients from this area.

The other market we base on is market of German-speaking countries. We are proud to be present on it. German clients are demanding, they pay attention to details and half-measures are no adequate for them. Our presence on such big and developed market let us call our products global and best quality equipment.

We are also well known in Balkan countries. We have well developed dealers network in Romania, we also have regular clients in Moldavia. Currently, we are working on our entrance to market with more extreme climate, because our constructions tolerate variable atmospheric conditions.