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Feerum S.A. is one of the biggest producers of comprehensive grain elevators which are designed for drying and storage of plant products such as grain, oily and legume plants, corn and other. We offer comprehensive solutions – from analisys of customer expectations through the technological solutions propositions, appliances production, up to object erection, transmission to operation, after-sales services and objects components delivery.

Feerum S.A. general products are driers and siloses with instrumentation (i.e. vertical and horizontal transportation solutions, cleaners and fodders mixers). Income from sell of these products constitute commonly 85% of realized company income in 2009–2012. Feerum S.A. is an owner of a modern plant placed at Legnica`s Special Economic Zone (LSSE) which products sub-assemblies and parts for elevators, ensuring high precission of work and products quality. Plant is outfitted with modern machines and metal sheet processing appliances fulfilling the highest world technical, production and quality norms thanks to innovative technologies and solutions. Company is also running research and development activity, thanks to it until now she led a row of improvements and modernizations of individual construction parts to elevators structure.

Main customers of Feerum S.A. are agricultural households of surface bigger than 100 hectares, companies buying grain and industrial companies i.e.: fat plants, mills, fodders production plants and biofuel sector. Crucial sale market for Feerum S.A. products is polish market which is responsible for 80,3% of selling income in year 2012. Company is present also on Belarus (since year 2006), Ukraine ((since year 2004), Lithuania (since year 2010) and Romania (since year 2011). Feerum S.A. is planning active develop of new sale markets which are offering attracitve perspectives of escalation under the account of agricultural industry development potential and agricultural production processing in particular making a note of necessity coorelated with their modernization.

Company is ranking as the most interesting directions of abroad expansion countries like: Germany, France, and Romania and also eastrern markets (Ukraine, Kazachstan, Belarus, Lithuania) of traditionally huge agricultural sector part in Gross National Product and low level of mechnisation. Interesting directions from the attention of closeness are also Czech Republic and Benelux. Income of Feerum S.A. from sell in year 2012 achieved 55,6 million PLN and were 8,6% higher than year 2011, however Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization achived level of 11,8 million PLN which marks growth of 81,5%. Company elaborated in year 2012 netto income on the level of 8,1 million PLN which is 161,3% higher than achived one year before.

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