Feerum S.A is a leading manufacturer of comprehensive drying and storage facilities for different kinds of agricultural products such as cereals, oilseeds, legumes, maize and animal feeding staff. We are a vibrant, modern, steadily developing company.

Our competitive advantages :

  • Effective implement of innovative solution
  • Research and development activity
  • Cooperation with reputable research and development institution
  • Using of up-to- date technology
  • Highly qualified staff
We offer comprehensive solutions – from analysis of customer expectations through the technological solution propositions, appliances production, up to the object erection, placing in to service , after-sales services and object components delivery. We develop individual projects which priority is the best answer on customer expectations, based on high quality products and modern technological processes.


We specialize in production of silo and grain dryers with additional equipment such as solutions for vertical and horizontal transport. Due to close cooperation with companies concentrated on production of grain dryers’ elements or animal feed mixing plant, we are able to offer comprehensive customer service.

Sale of flagship products represented 85% of Feerum revenue in 2009-2012, and in 2014 it increased to 86%.

Our aim is to become leading elevator manufacturer in Europe. We are consistently improving quality of products made in modern plant localized in The Legnica Special Economic Zone(LSSE). Elevator components and elements are made there. They provides high quality and precision. Plant is equipped with modern metal sheet machines and equipment which, due to innovative solutions and technology, meet the world’s highest standards of production and quality. We also prides ourselves on increasing automatization of production. We use five robotic machines in production process. Each of them is responsible for one specialized process with enable us to make smaller and smaller equipment details and higher precision.


Our research and development department develop innovative solutions. We also have perfect conditions to test new, atypical projects. Before release of innovative product, our experienced specialist staff with experts from others fields construct prototypes and run comprehensive simulations and tests.

Close cooperation with educational centers also guarantee innovativeness and modernity of our products. Continuous surveillance of technological possibilities and their update are possible due to research cooperation with Wroclaw University of Technology, University of technology in Zielona Góra and School Complex in Chocianów. Support to young, fresh minds of students and teachers have helped us to take out our patents and release unique products. Moreover, it increased our efficiency through mechanization of many process and making the technology available for wider public. Until recently such technology was reserved only for specialized and high advanced manufacturs process.


Customers of Feerum S.A are mainly: farms with an area over 300ha, companies buying grain, breweries, industrial establishments such as oleo chemical plants, animal feeding, biofuel or mills manufacturers.

Our silos are mainly placed on Polish market (80,3% of sale income in 2014). But our aim is to develop export.

We are present on i.a. in Belarus (since 2006), Ukraine (since 2004), Lithuania(since 2010) and Romania (since 2011). Project made in Mongolia (2014) was also a big success. Currently, we are working on big object in Belarus which will be also extending. In October, 2015 in Germany we have putted elevator in service.

We are open for all markets. We are paying special attention for developing countries. They have huge potential of agricultural development and agricultural production processing. That is why they are opened for new technologies. High quality and world’s standard are the element we definitely can offer.

The most interesting directions od expansion on foreign market are : Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia or Russia of traditionally huge agricultural sector part in Gross National Product and low level of mechanization.

German speaking countries , Romania and Moldova are also interesting for us. Czech Republic, Slovakia and Scandinavia are interesting as well, because of geographical proximity.

It is very gratifying for us to hear our clients decide to extend completed project. It is sign of confidence proving that our products meet the expectations of investors.

Selected financial results

  2012 2013 2014 Change 2014-2013
Hard assets 54 177 91 910 92 535 +0,06%
Total revenues on sales
Revenues on sales of the products
Revenues from the sales of services
55 744
47 145
8 069
90 645
73 332
16 420
65 417
56 227
8 074
EBIT 12 7313 21 170 14 863 -30%
EBITDA 11 848 16 516 11 492 -31%
Net profit 8 122 12 033 6479 -43%

The drop in sales revenue, EBITDA and net profit in 2014 was first of all a result of displaced time of granting financial contribution by Agency for the Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture for our major customers. The nervousness on some exports market, including the Ukrainian market, also had impact on sales revenues in 2014.

It is also worth emphasizing the downward tendency of the share of revenues of sales of product in total revenues and also increase in the share of revenues from sales of services, especially in mainly construction works. Feerum S.A. develops and diversifies offer and becomes an increasingly mature company.