Grain Cooler

Grain cooler was designed to cool, ventilate and dry free-flowing material storage in silo. It also helps with evacuation of moisture from grain. Cooler installation is easy and quick, cooler is installed to ventilator through elastic tube. It is a mobile device. It is easy to move it and use to cool another silo.

  • Cooler is used to work in different external condition-rain, fog etc
  • Ecological, safe refrigerant sized for using it in changeable external condition
  • Nominal cool capacity - 151kW
  • Calculated Maximum cool capacity - 168 kW
  • Nominal air capacity - 15200 m³/h
  • Maks. (rozruchowy) pobór prądu – 112 A
  • Maximum current consumption (motional)-112 A
  • Nominal current consumption
  • Weight - 1148 kg
  • It’s movable due to substructure construction equipped with suspension and steering system what enable using it in another silos
  • Unit construction and case are made from powder coated metal sheet with anti-corrosion protection
  • Aluminum interchangers with pipes and copper collector
  • It requires 400v~`3Hz 125A current supply. Supply line inside