Flat-bottomed silos FSP


The flat-bottomed silos are designed for long-term storage of all types of grain, corn and oilseeds.

As the first Polish manufacturer we began the production of corrugated metal silos made of galvanized zinc steel of a thickness of 275 g/m2 (on request: 450 g/m2 and 600 g/m2, Galfan coating with the addition of 5% of aluminum or Magnelis). The use of corrugated steel ensures the construction durability, assuring longer lifetime of a silo, or less heating in summer. We assemble the side plating as a so-called brick type so as to extend the lifetime of the silo. Normally we use vents and turbo-ventilators which eliminates water condensation under the roof in case of temperature differences inside and outside the silo. We have developed a silo ventilation system that simultaneously cools and aerates (ventilated) grain. We use temperature monitoring system, which allows a constant overview of the grain parameters. We offer 3 types of foundations, selected depending on the client’s needs and abilities (flat-bottomed silos). The novelty is the increase of the angle of the roof (34 º).