They are mainly used to shield equipment, products and others elements from unfavorable weather conditions. They are also used to dry and wet grain storage. Construction make it a great place for long-term grain storage. However, usually they are used for shield of charging hopper and as a pick- up point. Because during unloading, free-flowing material is subject to bad weather condition.

In our offer one can find different shelters banded because of their destination:

  • High shelters – for backwards and oblong dumping
  • Low shelters-for backwards and oblong dumping
  • Perpendicular with one nave- for perpendicular dumping
  • Perpendicular with three nave-for perpendicular dumping with lowered shelter front and back part
  • Shelter with platform- for side and backwards dumping
We also offer standard shelters and special projects on request.

Shelter’s case is made with troughed sheet (with zinc cover) or with sandwich slabs(filled with Styrofoam or polyurethane).

Standard shelters:

  • Length from 15 to 30 m
  • Clear height : from 5 to 12m
  • Steel made
  • One or two charging bucket
  • Possibility to install roll or sectional door