Eng. Daniel Janusz
Chairman of the board

A graduate of the Agricultural Academy in Wrocław(1998). Since the beginning of his career he has been associated with farming sector. Based on past years’ experience of conducting his own economic activity connected with industrial and customer articles (started in 1993), working as a manager of factory farm in Agro-Tak company in Zagrodno (since 1998), and also commercial and negotiation technic skills developed in Avita, Anek and Promleko Sp. Z.o.o companies in years 2000-2002 , he started Feerum Daniel Janusz company (2002).

In 2002 year he also built first drying machine basing on his own documentation. After five years, Feerum has been transformed into public corporation and Daniel Janusz has succeeded to position of chief executive and chairman of the board. Currently, Daniel Janusz is also a member of the board in Erbinvest Ltd. Company based in Nicosia(Cyprus).

Piotr Wielesik
Member of the board

Management graduate of Gdansk University , graduate of Faculty of electrical and control engineering in Gdansk University of technology, member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). Due to his extensive knowledge and experience within the scope of production company finance and asset management of capital market, he carries out important management functions. He has worked as a finance director and commercial proxy of ZETKAMA company, finance director and member of management board of Bioton company. He was also connected with Grupa Inwestycyjna Pro SA consulting company where he was Project Manager. He has worked also in BalticBrokers SA company where he was a corporate finance consultant. He was a member of supervisory board in Nidzica SA company. During the course of his working life he had been consistently improving his occupational qualification. He has taken part in many trainings concerning international accountancy standards, business valuations and management. He has a good command of a English language. In Feerum S.A he is responsible for finance.