The management board

  Chairman of the management board
eng. Daniel Janusz

Daniel Janusz has huge business experience embracing different sections of agricultural industry. In 1993 he commenced conducting the own business activity, dealing with the trade in convenience articles. After having a university degree in 1998 he assumed the position of the Manager of fermiums animal, in the company AgroTak Zagrodno. Starting from 2000 Daniel Janusz acquired more and more great experience in the trade, as well as extended negotiating abilities, occupying positions of a sales representative in companies of Avita and Ankas and the coordinator one by one of the sale in the company Promleko sp. z o.o. The acquired knowledge and experience in the agri-food sector, resulted in it, that in 2002, Daniel Janusz established a Feerum company. In the same time he built the first machine suszarniczą according to own documentation. In 2007 after the Feerum conversion into the joint-stock company, Mr Daniel Janusz embraced the post of director-general and the chairman of the management board in it. In years 2012-2015 he was a member of the board of the company Erbinvest Ltd, based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Additionally, Daniel Janusz is a director of the company Macalado Limited, based in Valletta, Malta.

Daniel Janusz has a higher education. In 1998 he finished the agricultural academy in Wrocław, where he got the title of the engineer.

  Member of the management board
Piotr Wielesik

Piotr Wielesik is the member of the management board, responsible for the area of finances in FEERUM S.A.

Piotr Wielesik has an extensive knowledge and experience in managing of production companies finances and the capital market. Earlier he performed a function of Chief Financial Officer, procurator of the ZETKAMA Group, Chief Financial Officer (20102012), a member of the management board in the Bioton Group (companies in Poland and abroad) and a member of the supervisory board Izolacja Nidzica S.A.Officer, procurator of the ZETKAMA Group, Chief Financial Officer (20102012), member of the management board in the Bioton Group (companies in Poland and abroad) and the member of the supervisory board Iof zolacja Nidzica S.A. He was also connected with the consultancy firm Grupa Inwestycyjny Pro S.A., in which he acted as the Project manager. He worked also as consultant in the area corporate finance in BalticBrokers S.A. In the course of the current professional career he was able to increase his knowledge and competence of the financial company management, in debt financing, development projects and the transactions in the scope of mergers and acquisitions. He was a participant in the sequence of trainings in international accounting standards, evaluations of enterprises, as well as the management. He speaks english fluently.

He has a graduate of professional school in Gdańsk University-direction management. He also had a university degree at Gdańsk Technical University a Department of Electronics-direction electronics. He is an ACCA affiliated member (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

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