The FEERUM forwarding silos are intended for temporary storage of bulk material and quick discharge onto the mean of transport. We offer forwarding silos for road transport (diameter 3.8 m and 5.7 m, capacity from 29 to 115 m³ grains in one tank) and for rail transport (diameter 5. 7 m, funnel angle 40°, 50°).

The silo is placed on a special supporting structure, through which the mean of transport higher than 4.5 m can’t drive. It is possible to connect forwarding silos in series on the combined structure.

Forwarding silos do not have side hatches. Safe and free service is guaranteed by ladders and platforms.

Standard silo equipment Additional silo equipment
1. Silo roof 11. Maximum filling sensor
2. Roof vents 12. Radar sensors
3. Roof fan connection 13. Roof electric ventilation
4. Roof hatch 14. Gravity ventilation
5. Supporting columns of the silo 15. External ladder with hoops
6. Side sheathing of the silo 16. Rest platforms
7. Silo hopper 17. Gallery with supports for the transport
8. Supporting structure under the silo 18. Electric, pneumatic or manual under-silo valve
9. A set of connectors 19. Automatic control system
10. Set of anchors fixing the silo to the ground