History and development perspectives

The founder of FEERUM SA is the current president of the board, Daniel Janusz. The company, which was founded in 2002 as a sole proprietorship, was involved in the preparation of project documentation for the production of cereal dryers.

In 2004, Feerum s.c. was established. The company was involved in the production and sale of cereal dryers, bucket conveyors, belt conveyors and technological connections.

In the same year, Poland became a member of the European Union. It meant launching a system of EU subsidies for both agricultural entrepreneurs and for companies serving agricultural branches.

Trust built thanks to innovation and reliability and the rapidly growing number of orders, resulted in the need to increase production capacity. In 2005, the company built its own plant in Chojnów and launched production there.

At that time, already several projects were in the portfolio of FEERUM’s foreign implementations, including Romania and Belarus. In 2006, the company received a certificate facilitating sales expansion in Belarus. In the years 2006-2015, the Company produced and delivered to the Belarusian market nearly 50 drying and storage facilities, including many with volumes exceeding 24 thousand. tons of grain.

In 2007, FEERUM S.A. was established, it took over the activity of Feerum s.c.

In 2008, the construction of a modern production plant began, along with the machinery park and the entire infrastructure, in the Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSEZ). The plant was put into service two years later, which allowed to enrich the portfolio of offered products and increase production capacity.

In March 2013, the Company obtained funding for the implementation of an innovative B2B IT system, integrating the sales, supply, production, logistics and information exchange processes between the Company and partner companies.

In the same month, the Company was granted a subsidy to expand the research and development department. Thanks to this, FEERUM SA, as the only company of this type in Poland, has its own Research and Development Center. The company develops cooperation with leading research centers, testing designed solutions in its own experimental dryers and storage complex with a capacity of 20,000 tons, built at the company’s production plant in Chojnów.

On May 10th, 2013, the Company made its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

In 2014, the three-year investment plan was completed with a total value of 34.4 million PLN. Its aim was to expand production capacity, develop sales networks in the country and abroad, and introduce innovative products to the offer, which provided a technological market advantage and contributed to lowering production costs.

As part of the implementation of this program, in June 2014, a warehouse and production hall with an area of ​​8.2 thousand square meters was put into use. New machinery and equipment as well as the integrated business management program have been implemented. To finance these projects, the Company obtained support from the European funds in the amount of nearly 13 million PLN. As a result of these investments, the Company has doubled its production capacity and currently has one of the world’s most modern production facilities in its sector.

Also in 2014, FEERUM S.A. received another permission to operate in the Legnica Special Economic Zone (LSEZ). The company planned to implement, by the end of 2018, investments in LSEZ at the level of  20 million PLN.

In the same year, FEERUM SA signed contracts for next EU subsidies in the amount of nearly 10.8 million PLN, intended for the development of innovative constructions of lightweight steel and steel-textile silos and further expansion of production capacity, thanks to construction of a line for rolling profiles.

Products offered by FEERUM are appreciated by customers in 12 countries. In addition to the aforementioned Belarus and Romania, the company has successfully completed investments in Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Latvia. In a record time of just 4 months, despite sandstorms, strong winds and distances of over 8.5 thousand km a drying-storage facility was built in Mongolia. In addition, in 2017, FEERUM completed the first contracts in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

On December 22, 2016, the Company signed a contract with the National Food Reserve Agency based in Dar es Salaam for the construction of five storage complexes as well as the revitalization of existing warehouses in the territory of the United Republic of Tanzania. The total value of the contract is 33.1 million USD. The contract came into force in December 2017, beginning the implementation of the company’s strategic decision to enter the African market.

In November 2018, the Company signed two contracts with the Ukrainian company Epicentr K LLC for the sale of grain silo complexes, with a total value of nearly 50 million EUR. Record-breaking contracts were concluded on the basis of a supplier’s loan (the government program Financial Support for Exports), with insurance of the Export Contract Insurance Corporation and purchase of receivables by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. The proceeds from these agreements quickly moved Ukraine to the leading position among foreign partners of FEERUM S.A.

Feerum S.A. consistently strengthens the leading position of an innovative, dynamic and modern company.