FEERUM is a leading manufacturer of grain dryers. The company’s offer includes dryers operating in a continuous and batch cycle. They are intended for drying all kinds of cereals, including corn, oilseed rape, wheat and other, legume and oil seeds. Thanks to the appropriate construction and the ability to adjust the drying parameters to the grain properties, our dryers achieve high performance indicators with low fuel consumption.

FEERUM patented the most effective and at the same time extremely energy-efficient process of two-stage drying of corn at low temperature. The innovative drying method ensures grain safety, maintaining its quality and nutritional value, and accelerating the entire process.

We constantly improve our products! Introduction of the air recirculation process (directing warm air after the drying process back to the burner) allowed to reduce gas consumption by 20%.  A novelty is a dryer with recuperation, or heat recovery, using so-called cross-flow exchanger. Thanks to the use of a suitable construction, we have achieved a 30% usage savings.

FEERUM dryers are fully automatically controlled. Intuitive control panel provides convenience and full control of the drying process. In addition, we offer the option of online control via a computer, a tablet and even a telephone.

FEERUM dryers are made of galvanized sheet metal or, on special request, of a different material (e.g. stainless steel). The devices have a system of vertical exhaust fans that reduce noise. As standard, we use a drying column for the dryer, which has a large impact on reducing the cost of drying. In all dryers, we install a rocker discharge, which allows precise determination and adjustment of the volume of the material being discharged.

FEERUM dryers can run continuously throughout the harvest season. The buffer capacity of the dryer is from 19 to 329 tons. We offer dryers fired with natural or liquid gas and heating oil. In addition, the dryer can be supported by a heat exchanger (biomass, biogas plant). FEERUM dryers work on modulated gas strip burners, oil modulated or two-stage burners.