Hopper-bottomed with internal basket

The hopper bottom silos with internal basket are distinguished by a more aesthetic appearance, a larger capacity of silos with an angle of 50° – compared to silos with an open funnel, as well as lower construction costs. We build these silos without using a crane. In this type of conical bottom silos, it is possible to build a blow-in fan what allows us to reduce noise.

The standard angle of the hopper in conical bottom silos with internal basket is 40˚ and 50˚. The diameter of the conical bottom silos with internal basket extends from 3.8 to 9.6 m, and their volume from 32 to 1200 m³.

Standard silo equipment

  1. Silo roof
  2. Roof vents
  3. Fan connections / connections
  4. Roof hatch
  5. Side hatch of the silo chamber
  6. Supporting columns of the silo
  7. Side sheathing of the silo
  8. Silo basket
  9. A set of connectors
  10. Set of anchors fixing the silo to the ground
  11. Sealant for galvanized sheets
  12. Foundation guidelines for the selected silo
  13. Side hatch of the silo basket
  14. Additional silo supporting columns

Additional silo equipment

  1. Maximum filling sensor
  2. Radar sensors
  3. Roof electric fan
  4. Gravity ventilation
  5. External ladder with hoops
  6. Rest platforms
  7. Gallery with supports for the transport
  8. Roof stairs
  9. Temperature probe with a measuring system
  10. Lower fan for ventilation of grain – fixed or passable
  11. The air supply system
  12. Percentage selector
  13. Electric, pneumatic or manual under-silo valve
  14. Automatic control system

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