Halls and warehouses


We build durable structures, adapted to the climatic conditions present in a given area. Only in the past few years have we built several dozen halls and warehouses in Poland. We are currently implementing a project in Tanzania, which also includes flat warehouses.

Depending on the purpose – we design, produce and build flat warehouses, which serve as a place for grain storage and halls, where you can store machines and other materials.

The core of halls and warehouses is a modernly designed steel structure. Due to the modular nature of the project, the assembly goes smoothly. You can also expand your existing hall at any time.

As an additional equipment for flat warehouse, we offer:

  • aspiration system (ventilation ducts and grilles with a fan or air cooler connection) – loading system: a conveyor belt with a trolley for bilateral or one-sided loading of the warehouse,
  • unloading system: latches, discharging hoppers in the floor and a horizontal conveyor in the tunnel under the floor of the warehouse
  • grain temperature measurement system