Belt conveyors

The most important features of belt conveyors in the standard version:

  • Single or double-sided conveyor drive due to the length and capacity of the device
  • FEERUM direct clutch-less drive ensuring reliable operation of lifts
  • The gearmotor with a helical-bevel gear is fixed by means of a reaction
  • Reinforced roller bearing in the drive station
  • They come in two variants – covered and uncovered
  • It is possible to equip the uncovered conveyor in a trolley with unilateral or two-sided discharge. Possibility to load flat warehouses and silo batteries
  • Double-divider belt, standard or oil-resistant (belt is joined in the vulcanization process, so it will not tear at the connection)
  • Safety system in standard: speed sensor, slip and belt breaks
  • The conveyor without a trolley can be used in the right-left option
  • It can be in arched version and as a receiving hopper

Technical data:

  • Capacity from 30 to 300t / h
  • The width of the belt – 400, 650 and 800 mm
  • Length from 3 m to 120 m, with a length change option of 0.5 m
  • We offer different variants of the conveyor belt legs length

Additional equipment of the chain conveyor:

  1. Trolley with electric distributor
  2. Accessories for the trolley
  3. Belt convergence sensor
  4. Frequency inverter (inverter) -operation in the intelligent control system. Additional drive cooling required. Smooth regulation of material flow as well as device performance
  5. Supports (legs) under the conveyor belt