Ponad 26 700 m³ ziarna w jednym zbiorniku

Over 26 700 m³ of grain in one tank

FEERUM flat-bottomed silos are made of galvanized corrugated sheets with Z450 coating (on customer’s request, the silo can be made of Z600 coated sheet with Galfan or Magnelis coating) with a diameter of 3.8 to 33.4 m. They can be built individually or in silo batteries, creating a drying- storage base.

Designation – thickness of the coatingMinimum total coating weight, both surfaces (g/m²)Approximate value of the coating thickness (typically μm)
Opcja Z600 60042

As the first on the market, we have introduced roofs with an inclination angle of up to 34˚. Thanks to this, we have increased the capacity of a single tank, but most of all we have avoided snow depositing and dangerous icing in the winter. At the customer’s special request, the roof can be covered with polyester paint in any color, which additionally protects the roof against heating from the sun’s rays.

In flat-bottomed silos we use, among others radar filling sensors, which continuously monitor the filling of the silo, temperature probes with the measurement system, to constantly observe the condition of the stored grain or the screw conveyor, which is used to unload bulk material left after the gravitational emptying of the silo. We have also patented a special spreader that reduces the speed of the grain’s flight and prevents its damage when colliding with the hard surface of the silo floor. In silos, we can also use a side discharge, which allows the gravity-free unloading of a flat-bottomed silo directly to the mean of transportation without the need for additional transport devices. This significantly reduces the cost of electricity, positively affects grain quality and speeds up the unloading time of the silo.

Standard silo equipment

  1. Silo roof
  2. Roof vents
  3. Roof hatch
  4. Side hatch
  5. Supporting columns of the silo
  6. Side sheathing of the silo
  7. A set of connectors
  8. Set of anchors fixing the silo to the ground

Additional silo equipment

  1. Maximum filling sensor
  2. Radar sensors
  3. Roof electric ventilation
  4. Gravity ventilation
  5. External ladder with hoops
  6. Rest platforms
  7. Gallery with supports for the transport
  8. Roof stairs
  9. Temperature probe with a measuring system
  10. Grain spreader
  11. Silo ventilation system
  12. Lower fans for ventilation of grain – fixed or passable
  13. Grain cooler
  14. Screw conveyor
  15. Electric, pneumatic or manual under-silo valves – main and auxiliary
  16. Percentage selector
  17. Metalwork

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