Air separator

Aspiration channels are designed to separate light impurities, dust and grain dust from all kinds of grains. The device operates at a maximum capacity of 130 t / h.

The FEERUM aspiration channel is made of 2 – 3 mm sheet. It is light and has a compact construction, which makes its assembly very quick. It can be installed on grain transport routes, for example for bucket conveyors.

The device has adjustable air draft and slope of overflow roofs, so you can fully control and optimize the quality of cleaning.

Standard equipment for aspiration channels

  1. Aspiration channel
  2. Fan
  3. Fittings between the fan and the cyclone
  4. Fixing between the aspiration channel cyclone and bucket conveyor
  5. Cyclone of the aspiration channel
  6. A set of pipes for removing dust and light impurities

Additional aspiration channel equipment

  1. Connecting system (in the case of a different connection than a bucket elevator
  2. Fixing the cyclone to a different place than a bucket elevator