Square silos, due to the funnel-shaped discharge, are used only as forwarding silos. The great advantage of tanks of this type is the ability to set them in modules, without losing space. Safe and free service is guaranteed by ladders and platforms.

We produce square silos with dimensions in axes 3.94 to 3.94 m, hopper angle 50° and volumes from 55 to 77 m³ (in one tank).

Standard silo equipment

  1. Silo roof
  2. Roof fan connection
  3. Roof hatch
  4. Side hatch
  5. Side sheathing of the silo
  6. Silo funnel
  7. A set of connectors
  8. Set of anchors fixing the silo to the ground
  9. Maximum filling sensor

Additional silo equipment

  1. Radar sensors
  2. Electric roof fan
  3. Roof gravity ventilation
  4. External ladder with hoops
  5. Rest platforms
  6. Electric, pneumatic or manual under-silo valve