SG dryer

Wyróżniamy 3 standardowe typy suszarni SG:

We distinguish three standard types of SG dryers:

SGG – fired with natural or liquid gas
SGO – fired with light fuel oil without a heat exchanger (the material dried in it can’t be used in the food industry)
SGOw – fired with light fuel oil with a heat exchanger

Standard equipment for SG dryer

  1. An oven drier with a rocker system with electric or pneumatic drive
  2. Axial fans
  3. Charging column with inlet and outlet roofings
  4. Feeding buffer with MAX and MIN filling sensors
  5. Flaps closing fans – automatic
  6. Burner
  7. Burner duct
  8. A duct for mixing hot air
  9. Exhaust duct for humid air
  10. The cooling duct flaps
  11. Manhole and security hatches
  12. Supporting columns of the dryer
  13. Basic communication system
  14. Samples extractor with a manual gate valve at the discharge
  15. A set of connectors
  16. Set of fixing anchors

Additional equipment for SG dryer

  1. Rest platform over the dryer buffer
  2. Silencers for axial fans with support structure
  3. Service platforms for the dryer discharge
  4. Axial fans
  5. Directional nodes of axial fans
  6. A pipe system for removing fine particles
  7. Screw conveyor that discharges impurities from the upper cyclo-ventilator
  8. Apertures of the drying sections

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