Straight chain conveyors

FEERUM straight chain conveyors – distinguishing features

  • Single or double-sided conveyor drive due to the length and capacity of the device
  • FEERUM direct clutch-less drive ensuring reliable operation of conveyors
  • Self-cleaning system – scoops, rubber scraper, brushes
  • A polyamide strip leading a chain
  • Additional cooling when working with a frequency converter
  • The gearmotor with a helical-bevel gear is fixed by means of a reaction arm
  • Reinforced roller bearing in the drive station


Chain conveyors are used for horizontal transport of grains and maize, seeds of leguminous and oil crops, various feed products (meal, granules and briquettes) and others. Chain conveyors are widely used in drying and storage facilities, in fodder and feed mixing plants and farms.

The most important features of chain conveyors:

  • Capacity from 30 to 300 t / h
  • Length from 2 m to 70 m, with a length change option of 0.5 m
  • Made of galvanized sheet (2 – 4 mm)
  • The chain is made of 6 mm flat bar, hardened links and sleeves
  • Grain transport at an angle – limited to 5˚
  • Two inspection windows on the side walls of the conveyor
  • Membrane sensor preventing overflow of the device
  • Possibility of working in the right-left option for conveyors equal or shorter than 6m. Above 6m we use two-floor conveyors
  • It is possible to discharge and fill in various places along the entire length of the
  • It comes in two variants with a straight or slopped roof that prevents precipitation

Additional equipment of the chain conveyor:

  • Bottom gate valve
  • Frequency converter (inverter) – operation in an intelligent control system. Additional drive cooling required. Smooth regulation of material flow as well as device performance
  • Rotation sensor (motion)
  • Conveyor supports with various lengths
  • The conveyor floor is made of a different material (Hardox 450, plastic)