Another FEERUM facility in Lower Silesia

At the beginning of 2021, FEERUM commissioned a drying and storage complex for Grupa Producencka Agil Agro Sp z o.o. The group’s crops cover a total of over 2 000 ha, and the most important of them are rape, wheat, maize and sugar beet. The total capacity of the facility is over 21 000 m3 of grain.

We checked the offer of FEERUM products, among otherson the recommendation of our friendly farms from Udanin, Osła (Młynpol) or other farms from the region of Lower Silesia and the Opole region.Wampak has been using FEERUM silos for years and encouraged us to discuss the construction of our own drying and storage base with the manufacturer from Chojnów.The facility is ready for operation, tests have been carried out with grain.We have no objections yet.We believe that, just like our colleagues from Udanin or Osła, we will be satisfied with the work of our own facility – emphasizes Alois Gillmaier, representative of the Producer Group Agil Agro Sp z o.o.

The technology of the facility in Targoszyn has been adapted to all customer needs. At Agil Agro’s request, we have installed an additional side discharge in all flat-bottom silos, enabling gravity emptying of the silo (to the level of about 70% of its storage space). This solution allows you to save electricity and depreciation of transport equipment necessary to perform the same process in the traditional way – says Wojciech Marciniszyn, commercial director of FEERUM S.A.

The transport devices used in the facility operate with a capacity of 130 tons per hour. To collect grain from under flat-bottom silos, belt conveyors were used, steered by an inverter cooperating with another collecting device, i.e. a bucket elevator.

The facility also uses: chain conveyors, a continuous dryer DGG24 with a dust extraction system and a drum and sieve cleaner. In the process of selecting a contractor, we compared the offers and possibilities of many companies. FEERUM convinced us primarily with a high-quality product, often higher than the proposals of competing companies, e.g. in terms of the use of abrasion-resistant fillings in transports and a polymer coating on silo roofs. Additionally, we appreciated the possibility of servicing the facility online and the large availability of spare parts – adds Alois Gillmaier.

Video from the Agil Agro facility.