Broad cooperation Feerum with the West Agro group

In addition to the West Agro group’s investments in Poland, we can also see how dynamically our contractor is developing on the European market. Large facilities in our country were not enough, investor decided for a large project in Ukraine. It was not without constant cooperation with Feerum S.A., we designed, delivered and built a large drying and storage facility for the needs of the West Agro group.

As a result of our cooperation with the West Agro group, we have completed a project covering a 200t transport infrastructure, including FPK200 bucket elevators and FRL200 redlers. In addition, the investor decided to use the FPT650 and FPT800 belt conveyors. All this to handle seven FSW 9.6 / 18/50 degrees hopper silos, four FSP 23.8 / 21 flat-bottomed silos, and FSL 5.7 / 9 forwarding hopper silos. The whole is completed by a FTD10 / 44 dryer. The total capacity of the facility is 57,000 m3.

Investition was completed without any problems and our contractor can confidently and fully use the ordered facility. We hope that this is not the end and we will implement equally ambitious projects with the West Agro group.