Expansion of the facility for GROT Sp. z o. o.

FEERUM S.A. has been cooperating with GROT Sp. z o. o. It all started in 2013, during the construction of a warehouse facility with loading and unloading equipment in Suchorzewko, Greater Poland Voivodeship. The second investment of FEERUM was carried out in 2018, in Skladowice, where a drying and storage complex was built with a total capacity of approx. 3 200 tons.

Throughout all these years, we have been satisfied with the quality of FEERUM products, maintenance services and professional consulting. Additionally, due to the fact that just at the design stage of the entire plant with the instigation of FEERUM specialists, we assumed the possibility of staging the investment – the decision to expand was made quickly and without major difficulties – says Tadeusz Klarzyński, CEO of GROT Sp. z o. o.

The expansion in 2021 included the construction of: five more funnel silos FSL 7,6/15 (funnel angle 40˚) with a air flow system, fans and temperature measurement system, transports – chain conveyors, bucket elevators, fittings – including distributors and gate valves, technological connections made with internal wear-resistant filling. The grain on the facility is dried in a continuous operation dryer SGG16 from 2018. The entire facility is fully computer-controlled.

At the beginning of discussions with a new client, we always try to look at a possible development path for a given business. Such perspective assumptions are the result of our many years of experience. Often an investment perceived by the client as a closed whole after a few years does not meet his production expectations. We encourage and support our clients to provide space for further silos, storage halls or utility rooms in the first investment steps – emphasizes Wojciech Marciniszyn, commercial director of FEERUM S.A.

The facility in Składowice, after expansion, has a capacity of 8 400 m3. At GROT Sp z o. o. farms various crops (mainly rape, wheat and maize) are dried, cleaned and stored.

A video from the Skladowice facility