Extension of the Agrito facility

In 2012, at the beginning of cooperation with FEERUM, AGRITO recorded revenues of several million zlotys. At present, the company’s revenues are nearly 100 million PLN, and the grain and rape harvests oscillate at the level of 150.000 tons per year.

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The FEERUM offer was chosen due to the favorable value for money, durability of the machines and devices used, but above all the availability of maintenance services.

“Efficient technical service of the facility of such a scale as ours is a big plus for the producer. The facility has worked several intense seasons, during the year we achieve a production level of several tens of thousands of tons of grain. FEERUM has never let us down. It is also important for us that the process of receiving, cleaning, drying and storing grain is very easy to control. The system is fully automatic, easy to use and available even online “- says Monika Świtała, the owner of AGRITO

AGRITO was established in 2009 as a company providing services for agriculture. Now, in addition to the provision of various agricultural services, it mainly deals with the purchase and sale of all types of cereals and rape. The company covers the whole of Poland. The AGRITO contracting group is constantly growing and the company strengthens the position of a reliable business partner.