Feerum began drying corn

In the modern drying and storage complex in Chojnów, which belongs to FEERUM, the drying of maize began. The company uses its own unique solutions in this process. A multi-stage low-temperature method using heat recovery and buffer silos allows obtaining grain of very high quality.

There are many methods for drying corn and other grains. However, FEERUM uses the most effective and at the same time extremely energy-saving process of two-stage drying of corn at low temperature. Thanks to this, the quality of the protein is not reduced, which allows to maintain a high nutritional value. At the same time, dried grains are less fragile and brittle, which in turn increases the market value of maize.

In this process, the grain is dried in two dryers with similar daily output, along with the aging process. FEERUM encourages you to familiarize yourself with the details of multi-stage grain drying at low temperatures. Present and future facility operators will be able to check the advantages of the entire process in practice.

The advantages of the corn drying method used

The optimum grain yield of maize can be obtained after it reaches the so-called physiological maturity. Grain moisture content is then around 30%. These are the seeds that BUY from FEERUM farmers. After the first drying stage in the SDGG 20 dryer with a heat recuperator, the humidity of the corn drops to 20 – 25%. Then, it is subjected to aging for a minimum of 24 hours, finishing the process after the second drying, we obtain grain with a moisture content of approx. 14%.

A novelty used in the system developed by FEERUM is the addition of two buffer silos between dryers, where the grain is aged after the first heat treatment. In addition to high-quality goods, two-stage drying with heat recovery allows you to reduce fuel consumption by about 25% compared to one-step drying without a recuperator.

– The drying process itself with the use of exchangers – so-called cross recuperators is a process patented by the company and allows you to heat the temperature of the outside air drawn by the dryer by up to 250C and only from the energy recovered from the air temperature leaving the dryer. It gives phenomenal results – explains Wojciech Marciniszyn, commercial director of FEERUM S.A.

Who can dry corn in FEERUM?

FEERUM has already started drying corn as part of deliveries contracted by large, external entities. – Under these contracts, we will dry about 25,000 tons of wet corn, of which we will get about 20,000 tons of dry grain. Our purchase is open, however, to anyone interested in drying corn from Monday to Friday, from 7.30 to 22.00. We do not limit the minimum ceiling for the grain to be dried. Current and future customers, especially those focused on the marketing and cultivation of maize, are invited to familiarize themselves with our innovative drying process and use it already this year – says Andrzej Fuławka, manager of the drying and storage team in Chojnów.

Corn harvest

Although the culmination of the corn harvest is yet to come, many farmers already have a large grain resource.

– This year I decided to have a relatively early harvest. The weather forecasts were uncertain and my grain reached humidity at a decent level of 32%. Today I brought 54 tons of grain. I have used the FEERUM dryer in Chojnów for the second time. I value FEERUM for timely delivery, but above all, the solutions that will keep my grain in high commercial quality – emphasizes Roman Zatoń, an agricultural entrepreneur from the area of Zgorzelec.

Maize will be dried for the next two months in a drying and storage unit in Chojnów, the total capacity of which is over 20,000 tonnes. This facility has been equipped with many interesting technological solutions. It is worth mentioning above all the innovative system of vertical and horizontal grain transport, which consists of belt conveyors, arched and zinc redlers as well as bucket elevators. The company also uses in Chojnów a cooling system for seeds in main silos, which allows to cool the grain to low temperatures, and this allows to maintain very high biological properties. The whole grain drying and storage process is supported by the grain spreader system developed by the FEERUM designers in the main silos. Thanks to it, the crumbling of dried seeds was significantly reduced, during the initial filling and falling of the grain from a large height to the floor of the silos. These and other advantages of the dryer with heat recuperation were appreciated by the jury of the QUALITY OF THE YEAR award already in 2015.