FEERUM extends the complex in Marianki

The DTS company dealing in grain purchase continues cooperation with FEERUM. A facility operating for two years with a storage capacity of 31.5 thousand. tonnes are being expanded with forwarding silos.

The facility in Marianki in the Lubuskie Voivodeship was created with the support of funds from the European Union. The FEERUM offer submitted in the tender proved to be the most advantageous and the investor decided to cooperate.

– Warehouse and drying complex in Marianki is one of the largest objects constructed by FEERUM as the General Contractor. FEERUM designed, made and delivered it for use in a record time of just 4 months – emphasizes Wojciech Marciniszyn, commercial director of FEERUM S.A.

The facility consists of a continuous operation dryer with air recirculation and a cyclocompilation system with a wheat drying capacity of 90 tons / h, 2 ventilation silos with a total capacity of 1308 tons, 12 flat-bottomed silos with a total capacity of 31,596 tons and a sieve and drum cleaner with three screens for wheat cleaning efficiency of 80 t / h. The entire complex is controlled by a control cabinet designed and made by FEERUM.

– FEERUM is able to comprehensively invest, you do not need to look for additional companies and as a user I can recommend cooperation with this company. I also assess post-implementation cooperation well, have a good, fast and professional service, which also acts as a partner adviser for us. The complex works perfectly, is fully automated and operated by one man. After the first buying season, we will be able to assess the scale of our savings thanks to the work of the FEERUM system – informs Szymon Stachowiak, the president of DTS, dealing in the purchase of cereals.

Currently, the facility is being expanded with 2 forwarding silos, which will enable short-term storage of bulk material, and later a quick spillage on transport. A funnel shaped hopper allows express silo emptying. The integration of the new part into the operation of the entire system is planned for November.