FEERUM’s cooperation with DROBEX – AGRO has been going on since 2012. It began with the construction of one silo, drying room and transport equipment. As our client developed and gained a significant position among the largest poultry meat producers in Poland, the facility was expanded many times.
The last expansion took place in 2018. At present, the drying and storage complex consists of eight flat-bottomed silos, three funnel silos, buffer silos, driers, cleaners and transport devices. The total capacity of the facility is nearly 25,000 tons of grain.

“(…) Considering the current cooperation, we strongly recommend FEERUM S.A. as a professional partner in the implementation of such projects.” – emphasizes Czesław Frischke, president of the management board at DROBEX – AGRO Sp. z o. o.

The construction of comprehensive facilities for drying and storing grain, which over the years support our clients and allow them to develop, is the main goal of FEERUM. We offer support during the design phase of objects or new parts, construction, and above all throughout the warranty and post-warranty period. Customers appreciate the speed of response of our service, the availability of spare parts, and often the possibility of getting help in eliminating failures through the online system.

“Over the past two years, FEERUM has expanded and significantly modernized 11 existing ones in addition to building new facilities. In the coming years, we plan further extensions for our current business partners, whose goal is to increase warehouse space. It is a great recognition of our customers for the quality of FEERUM products.”, – sums up Wojciech Marciniszyn, commercial director of FEERUM S.A.

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