We present a drying and storage facility built by FEERUM for Mariusz Bugaj Poultry Farm – one of the largest egg suppliers in Poland.

We started cooperation in 2015 and soon afterwards the first part of the building was constructed – 11 funnel silos with different funnel angles (including silos lined with flat plate for soy meal) and a total capacity of nearly 5,000 tons of grain, continuous drying dryer, cleaning plant, transporting devices and shed the reception basket.

The building was expanded three times with additional silos and transporting devices. Currently, the complex can store more than 16 thousand tons of grain.

The complex in Drwalewice has been working continuously since 2016 and provides a permanent source of grain for 450 thousand. laying hens.

“I recommend FEERUM as the best specialist in the construction of comprehensive drying and storage facilities.”

Mariusz Bugaj

Complex in Drwalewice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewfiGK4w3jM

More about the implementation in our news from 2017: http://www.feerum.pl/pl.aktualnosci-feerum-rozbudowa-obiektu-w-drwalewicach.html