FEERUM for MOTO-AGRO Sp. z o.o.

FEERUM built for MOTO-AGRO Sp. z o.o. cereal plant as a general contractor. The first part of the task included earth and foundation works. Then FEERUM built a grain warehouse with full infrastructure, consisting of 6 funnel silos, buffer silos, continuous drying room dryer with a cleaning plant, transport equipment (intake hopper archer, transverse hopper redler, bucket elevator, silo top redler, silo bottom conveyor), fittings (manual and electric shutters) and support structures. The total capacity of the facility is nearly 6000 tons of grain. The works were fully completed in accordance with the deadline specified in the contract.

I am satisfied with the work done. Work on the site, despite its considerable size, is not a problem. The facility was equipped with a temperature monitoring system and an automatic control system. A modern drying and storage base will positively influence our competitiveness in the region. We will be able to work efficiently and store grain in safe conditions.” – says Kazimierz Pruszkowski, president of MOTO-AGRO Sp. z o.o.

Activities of MOTO-AGRO Sp. z o.o. are focused on buying, drying, storing and selling cereals. The company has used many different cereal warehouses during its long-term existence. The last of them was located almost in the center of the city and because of this it could not be extended. Hence the company’s decision to change the location and build a modern facility.

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