Feerum has launched a new facility

Drying and storage unit with a capacity of nearly 20,000 tons, carried out by FEERUM S. A. successfully passed the trials and started work. This is one of the 7 implementations of the company completed in this half-year in the north of the country.

In the center of Western Pomerania, a modern, comprehensive drying and storage unit was set up, designed for continuous operation with a processing capacity of 130 t / h. The whole is controlled by a fully automated system that allows for constant control of all grain parameters with the ability to view the work of the on-line object.

– As the General Contractor, we designed, built and put into service at the planned date the facility, the total capacity of which is nearly 20 thousand. tone. However, it was not without inconvenience. We had to face wet ground at the investment site. To avoid costly and long-lasting earthworks and so-called deep technological bottoms, we used our innovative grain transport system. This system uses arched redlers and bucket elevators mounted not as usually below the ground level, which would be wet here, just above. We also used an inverter that allows for smooth regulation of the transport system efficiency and protects against grain pouring situation – informs Wojciech Marciniszyn, commercial director of Feerum S. A.

The Redło farm is one of the leading purchasers of fodder grains, including rye, triticale, wheat and maize in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The company also has cereals from its own crops, mainly triticale, wheat and rapeseed. The facility constructed by FEERUM has been used for marketing as well as grain storage since August this year. During the corn harvests, a continuous drier fed with LPG is also well-suited. A lot of solutions were used in it, thanks to which the drying process is fast and effective, but above all economical. Warming of the dryer column, modular burners ensuring accurate flame control and air recirculation – all this guarantees a reduction of gas consumption by at least 20%.

– Drying corn is another attempt for our facility. At the beginning, we plan to dry 2,000 tons of corn. But now I can say that we are very satisfied with the investment implemented comprehensively by FEERUM – confirms Adam Niebieszczański, president of the board of Farma Redło Sp. z o.o. – Modern technology, individual approach, implementation according to plan and quick service – in my opinion the most important distinguishing features of this company. The commercial advisor and the FEERUM project department listened carefully to our needs. Understanding the specifics of the investment needed for us, they proposed a plan for the construction of the facility, which impressed us with its functionality and modernity. The implementation proceeded in accordance with the previously determined stages. The service, which the system has been adjusted on – line, worked equally well, and the remaining work was carried out on site within 48 hours. If in the future we think about increasing the storage capacity and streamlining of technological lines, then cooperation with FEERUM will be our natural choice – adds Adam Niebieszczański.