FEERUM offer appreciated

Comprehensive drying and storage facilities at FEERUM aroused great interest during the 19th International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW. The visitors appreciated the innovative solutions, high quality, timely implementation and reliability of the facilities implemented by FEERUM.

150,000 square meters of exhibition space was presented to 800 exhibitors. Among them FEERUM – the leader of the Polish warehousing and drying industry.

– There are better systems in Poland and much cheaper than in Slovakia, that’s why I came here and talk about the possibilities of purchasing the entire complex. I am interested in FEERUM solutions because they have what I need – says Slavek Ruszczak, a farmer from Košice who grows wheat, rape, soy and sunflower on 815 hectares.

The greatest interest was aroused by presented arched redlers, ie a special system of transferring grain to the tank. FEERUM offers them for objects whose foundation does not allow the use of ordinary conveyors. – This is actually a novelty that solves many problems – admits Jan Dembiński, the owner of a 270 hectare farm near Lublin. And he adds – Only recently in the dryers all latches had to be moved by hand, and here at FEERUM everything is fully automated. They installed pneumatic actuators in their systems and instead of me work air. I prefer to press buttons than to manually translate.

– Undoubtedly, the Polish farmer is looking for modern and practical systems that will replace those set many years ago. Owners of family farms appreciate the high quality of our systems, warranty service and innovative technology. We have more and more inquiries in this sales segment – explains Wojciech Marciniszyn, commercial director of FEERUM S.A.

The comprehensive FEERUM drying and storage facilities have been used by large elevator operators for years. These companies buy from FEERUM entire systems – from redlers, through dryers, to grain storage systems. – FEERUM is a large and well-known company that has a very good quality product, which is why we are considering cooperation – admission representatives from Gniezno and Kruszwica, who during the fair were familiarized with the latest FEERUM products.

Innovative solutions for grain transport, consisting of with arched reducers, zippers or bucket elevators with a modernized drive system and the shape of the head, they are an inseparable element of the implementation of FEERUM, commissioned for use over the last two years. At that time, FEERUM completed over 80 investments with a total tonnage exceeding 200,000. tone.

Participation in the International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO SHOW was an opportunity to present FEERUM technological solutions, the use of which translates into efficient and faultless operation of the systems offered by the company. The trade talks conducted during the Exhibition initiated new areas of cooperation with agricultural entrepreneurs interested in the purchase of FEERUM facilities.