FEERUM S.A. implements a unique silo construction project for Epicenter K

The contract worth approximately 50 million EUR for the production of facility complexes for Epicentr K (with a total capacity of almost 800 thousand tons of one-time grain storage) is continued by FEERUM S.A. (Poland).

Supplies in the first part of the contracts for the amount of 35,6 million EUR have been completed. According to him, all the necessary elements have been designed, made and delivered to elevators in Winnica, Iwanówka and Wapniarka – informs Infoindustria. FEERUM S. A. has committed to prepare turnkey facilities: to make the necessary equipment, silos, dryers, internal transport infrastructure and e.g. Construction and assembly work under the joint project is carried out by the Ukrainian contractor – Аgricon.

We are still actively supporting Epicentr K in the construction of new industrial facilities in the Vinnytsia, Kiev and Khmelnytsky regions. The launch of additional production capacity will allow Epicentr K to be among the top five leaders on the market of modern industrial silos in Ukraine – said Daniel Janusz, CEO of FEERUM S.A.

FEERUM S.A. supplies its products to many facilities in Europe, Tanzania and Mongolia. Also on the Ukrainian market, although it has not carried out such large projects here before. We are currently implementing a contract that is considered unique even on a European scale – he emphasized.

I admit that I’ve been waiting for a client like Epicentr K for almost twenty years. We met with Mr. Alexander Gerega for the first time in the fall of last year, for a month we worked intensively on the contract we signed at the end of 2018. I consider the cooperation with Epicentr K very promising. The Ukrainian company is interested in the further development and purchase of the best innovative technologies – said Daniel Janusz.

Date of publication: 13.11.2019