Implementation of FEERUM for AGRO-FERM, dairy farmer

AGRO-FERM deals with animal and plant production, achieving annual production of cereals at 4,000 tons. The facility built according to the latest FEERUM technology will significantly improve the company’s operation and increase its capabilities.

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We used at the facility hopper silos (310 tonnes each), buffer hopper silos, flat-bottomed silos (with a capacity of 1300 tonnes each), continuous dryer with a capacity of 220 tonnes per day for corn drying, a cleaner and transport equipment with a capacity of 50 tonnes per hour. The works were carried out from the beginning of 2019 to June.

Due to the fact that animal production requires the preparation of a number of feeds, we lacked warehouses, in particular warehouses for commodity production. On the farm, in addition to animal production, we produce annually about 3,000 tons of cereals, about a thousand tons of corn for grain and a thousand tons of rapeseed. Our existing warehouse space was in very poor condition – explains Mieczysław Grabowski, facility manager and long-term president of the company.

The facility was implemented as part of EU funding. The verification procedure lasted about 1.5 years and ended with a positive decision resulting in the conclusion of a contract with the ARMA (Agency for Restructuring and Modernisation of Agriculture )in 2018. The next stage was the procedure for choosing suppliers and contractors.

FEERUM’s offer was the most advantageous. We are happy with this choice – says Mateusz Kaźmierski, president of the board of AGRO-FERM Sp. Wierzbica Górna.