Implementation of FEERUM for Wampak Sp z o. o.

Drying and storage facility for Wampak Sp. z o. o. we have already built two seasons ago, but as you can see all the time it looks perfect. Grupa Producencka Wampak grows various types of cereals, mainly wheat, rape seed, barley and maize.

We used 4 flat-bottomed silos with a capacity of 1004 tons each, a dryer DGG 15 and a cleaning plant. In addition to silos, two flat warehouses with a total capacity of 4,000 tons of grain were built. In addition, the facility used a wide range of transport equipment: bucket elevators, chain conveyors for the collection and filling of silos, a squeegee scraper, an oblique conveyor over a buffer warehouse and a conveyor belt with a mobile trolley for charging flat storage. The whole object is controlled automatically. We used temperature probes in the silos. FEERUM was the General Contractor of the facility.

See a short video about the investment.