New product

To meet the expectations of our customers, Feerum has expanded the offer with “An innovative energy-saving cereal dryer with heat recovery”. The new product in the Feerum offer is the result of the project “Implementation of a patented spiral heat exchanger in the production of energy-saving cereal dryers implemented under Measure 4.6 of the Innovative Economy Operational Program”. The innovative dryer implemented as part of this project is characterized by new functionalities and features that make it stand out against the best products currently available on the global market.

Thanks to the patented spiral solution of the counter-current heat exchanger (patent no. PL 209476), the new dryer guarantees:

  • Reduced energy consumption of the grain drying process
  • Reduction of grain losses caused by rotting grain stored in silos
  • Reduction of the cost of maintaining business premises – thanks to the use of recovered heat for production of domestic hot water and heating of utility rooms, it will be possible to reduce their maintenance costs by 20%
  • Increase the amount of pollutants captured
  • Reduction of power consumption during grain drying by 20-30%
  • Shortening the drying process

The use of a heat exchanger eliminates the occurrence of adverse effects and results in better parameters. The new product thanks to the use of innovative technologies is significantly different from the best products available on the global market.