Object Antoniny in Ukraine was manufactured and delivered for Epicentr K. in 2022

Object Antoniny was manufactured and delivered for Epicentr K. It is currently being commissioned. This is one of the major investments. It will be used for the processing and storage of grain, its total capacity is about 125,000 tons. FEERUM designed, produced and delivered to the facility in Antoniny:

  • 250t / h transport infrastructure
  • Six FTD8 / 40 dryers
  • Three Marot A310 + C51610 cleaners
  • Three TAS 206A6 cleaners
  • Three silos 20.1 / 18 (6.9 thousand tons / pcs)
  • Four silos 27.7 / 17 (12.9 thousand tons / pcs)
  • Three silos 33.4 / 18 (19.8 thousand tons / pcs)
  • Eight silos FSS 5,7 / 2 / 40st (70ton / pcs)
  • Three forwarding silos FSS 3,8 / 7 / 40st (97ton / pcs)
  • Fifteen FSW silos 9.6 / 18 / 50st (1.6 thousand tons / pcs)
Antoniny in Ukriaine

2022 is a very hard time, especially for Ukraine. Feerum S.A.’s investments, which had started quite a lot before the war, had to be completed. The investor
wanted to create the possibility of drying and storing grain, which will be needed this year more than ever.
Feerum S.A. had finshed all works. The facility is located in the Khmelnytsky
district and is currently being launched. It is August 2022, an extremely difficult time and an extremely complicated situation. Despite all the obstacles, we are trying to make the facility, which is a very powerful investment, start working and make the grain can be dried and stored. Despite many obstacles, we found our way to our destination Antoniny will be launched soon. The facility is ready and waiting only for the “final touch”. The
investment itself was not easy to implement, it required a lot of work, precision and great experience in the industry, which is not a problem for Feerum S.A.

Antoniny in Ukriaine

The investment carried out for our commercial partner, Epicentr Agro in Antoniny, included: 250t transport infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, six FTD8 / 40 dryers, three Marto A310 + C51610 cleaners, three TAS 206A6 cleaners, three receiving baskets. Prepared and dried grain will be stored in flat-bottom silos: 3x 20.1 / 18, 4×27.7 / 17, 3×33.4 / 18 and hopper silos: 15x FSW 9.6 / 18 / 50st, 8 silos FSS 5.7 / 2 / 40st, three forwarding silos FSS 3.8 / 7 / 40st.