Polish-Korean talks about a 3D scanner for measuring grain moisture in a silo

Last week, as part of international cooperation between companies, we had an online conversation with representatives of a Korean company offering an interesting solution in the form of the Litar device.
It is a 3D scanner used to measure the amount and moisture content of grain in a silo. As of today, the device supports a maximum height of 20m, access to measurements is carried out in a mobile way. An important assumption of the manufacturer is to develop a measurement technology up to a height of 50m by mid-2024.

The conversation took place in a friendly atmosphere with the exchange of a large number of views. This is another step that we take to meet the expectations of our customers. Shelves what is just talk, but what the future will bring, we’ll see. We are waiting for further modifications to the device, which will ultimately be used for quality control, real-time resource checking or informing about grain problems.