Quality Certificate 2015 for Feerum SA

The company Feerum SA has become the winner of the Quality of the Year program in the category of Innovation. It is the confirmation of hard work and pro-quality attitude of the company. The award is really precious, especially for us. The work on innovative projects and application of new solutions requires passion, dedication and full commitment.

From the very beginning Feerum SA is strongly success – oriented company. This is another award for the Company, which confirms that we have chosen the way rightly.

The awarded certificate Quality of the Year 2015 is all the more important, that the industry we work in, is vigorously evolving and it puts greater and greater demands on the manufacturers. Investors make conscious choices, look for products with the best quality, providing environmentally friendly and cost saving solutions.

Our product – the dryer with the heat recuperation meets all these requirements. During the design process, we focused on minimizing energy consumption and reducing emission of the dust into the environment. The product, thanks to the new technology put into practice, significantly stands out against the same products offered by the competition. High precision performance has a significant impact on improving the parameters of the obtained products.