Rhythm exercises for rescue groups from Lower Silesia on the facility in Chojnów

Three fire brigades rescued the victim at the drying and storage facility of Feerum S.A. in Chojnów. Teams from Chojnów, Wrocław and Świdnica took part in the exercises.

On 30.05 in the morning, a group of about 20 firefighters intensively cooperated as part of training exercises for high-altitude rescue groups from Lower Silesia.

The training included entering the facility in Chojnów, securing the place and helping the injured person. The whole thing went without any problems.

Work safety.
Fire safety is Feerum's priorities in construction and technological solutions.
Without testing it in practice during practice, it's just theory.

Thank you to the fire brigades for valuable experience!

May these hands-on activities take place in the future only during training exercises!