The effects of co-operation Feerum S.A. and School Complex in Chocianów

The agreement reached between the company Feerum S.A. and ZS in Chocianow of a complex cooperation brings mutual benefits. The combined strength of the company and school result in effective solutions. Students have the opportunity to meet innovative technological solutions, gain skills of modern machinery and equipment, may benefit from the knowledge and experience of Feerum S.A. In January, took place the first workshops in the framework of dual education. Students worked on specific electrical devices that are used in the company. After the end of a series of workshops the best students will take internship in Feerum S.A.

This is not the end of activities for the joint educational project. The school began assembling the structure, which will be tested pneumatic systems and controls that are used in the storage and transmission of bulk materials. Among scholars, students will be technical, whose role will be to the programming and operation of the equipment. Young people will have a chance to use in the context of practical activities, theoretical knowledge acquired during training.

Active actions of Feerum S.A. in the training of staff for the needs of the industry are carried out within the Lower Silesian Cluster Educational acting in the Legnica Special Economic Zone. These actions show how much you can do to support the local community, exchange of experience and dissemination of innovative and creative activities.