We are focus on innovations

Consistent actions of Feerum S.A. for the development of the machine park resulted in starting the modern investment of the integrated production line for structural profiles. The line consists of machines and equipment, where input material is galvanized steel coils. The line is supplied with material in an automatic way through the raw material input module. The technological process is carried out in several steps, such as cutting, bending, perforation, etc. and the result of this process are profiles, elements to the dryer, stringers ladders, rafters, catwalk elements, elements of transportation equipment. The entire process goes in an automated way and the end product is laid directly on the transport unit.

New machinery and equipment ensure high precision and reproducibility of the process and, consequently, the best quality of manufactured products. Higher precision has a significant impact on high parameters of products, it increases capabilities and capacities and ensures longer life of Feerum’s technological solutions.