We dry with the recuperator

Feerum S.A. based in Chojnów is still ahead of competitors in an innovation way!

Since 16th of October at our facility has begun to operate air dryer with heat recuperation unit. Thanks to the patented spiral countercurrent heat exchanger ventilation (Patent No. PL209476) can be recycled warm air, and the dryer operates more efficiently, with less fuel consumption, up to 30%!

With full awareness we must say that it is a technological leap. Reducing of fuel consumption level for drying puts our solutions over the solutions of competition, and we are very satisfied with that!

Technological changes have causing substantial savings in fuel consumption in view and also ensuring the supply of dry grain in shorter time while maintaining a very good quality. It’s also important that the technological leap relates primarily to a very modern dust separation system, which makes possible to build the construction of drying facilities in the direct neighborhood of residential buildings.

Here are the photos of little treasure created by our company.